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Gitaarhals TN-21-PF Boston neck Telecaster stijl maple/pau ferro

€ 59,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Productcode leverancier TN-21-PF

neck TE style, maple/pau ferro fb, 21 frets, paddle head, 9.5" radius, double action trussrod
A budget friendly neck to build your own guitar.
The neck is made from Canadian maple with a pau ferro fingerboard. Pau ferro is a high quality fingerboard used on many custom shop guitars. This neck has a dual action trussrod installed so you can set the guitar up for perfect playability.
The fingerboard radius of 9,5" is used in most USA-made guitar necks of this type. It is comfortable and allows for a low action and great playability.
The jumbo frets have been levelled and only need crowning and final polishing.
The paddle headstock allows you to make your own design and stand out from the crowd.
The tuner holes are 10 mm, allowing for modern machine heads. If you prefer vintage type machine heads, you will need conversation bushings.
Neck width is 42mm, the width of the heel is 56 mm, conform all standard guitar bodies. 

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